Hotel Casa da Ponte

One of the traditional hotels in Goiás, in operation for over 20 years, located opposite the Casa de Cora Coralina Museum. A simple environment, well decorated, very clean and airy, with two floors and the special charm is the balcony with incredible views of the city.

The Hotel has 38 rooms, all with bathroom, air conditioning, minibar, wi-fi, fan and TV. Two of these rooms are adapted for people with disabilities, as is the elevator. Breakfast is included in the daily rate. The pet-friendly hotel offers parking and tourist information.

Address: Rua Moretti Forgger, Qd.10 – lt 1, Goiás – GO
Telephone: (62) 33714467

Rio Vermelho Hotel and Inn

Hotel Rio Vermelho has been in operation for over 20 years, offering simple, economical and cozy accommodation. The profile of its guests is focused on the business world, with longer stays. There are 13 rooms, all with bathroom, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, TV, minibar and desk. The daily rate does not include meals.

Address: Av. Dário de Paiva Sampaio, 1 – Jardim Vila Boa, Goiás – GO
Telephone: (62) 3371227 / (62) 992385195

Pousada Serra Dourada

Address: Go 164, S/N° (400 meters from the main access junction to the Cidade de Goiás)
Telephone: (62) 984480020

Pousada Portal Alcion

Address: Go 164, S/N° (200 meters from the main access junction to the Cidade de Goiás)
Telephone: (62) 33714037

Pousada Cores do Cerrado

Address: Avenida Cora Coralina, Setor Jardim das Acácias S/N°, Cidade de Goiás

Hostel Rosinha do Brejo

Address: Rua 13 de Maio, S/Nº Centro – Cidade de Goiás

Hotel Araguaia

Address: Avenida Deusdete Ferreira de Moura Qd. 09 Lt. 09, Centro, Goiás – GO
Telephone: (62) 33711462

Hostel das Manas

Address: Rua Professor Ferreira, 13, 76600-000 Goiás – GO
Telephone: (62) 985886556

Casa Flor Guesthouse

Address: Rua do Carmo, 31, 76600-000, Goiás – GO
Telephone: (62) 932478536

Cafuné Goyano

A guesthouse specializing in snacks, Cafuné Goyano is Elissa's home, which opened its doors to welcome guests. Elissa's life philosophy is simplicity in every gesture towards nature, culture and society.

The guesthouse is very well decorated with objects that tell of Elissa's experiences and, at the same time, with simple and cozy indoor and outdoor environments. The accommodation has 3 rooms with fan and Wi-Fi, the bathroom is shared. In the common area there is a TV room, reading room and hammock room.

The daily rate does not include meals. The accommodation primarily welcomes pilgrims on the Caminho de Cora Coralina.

Address: Travessa das Flores, N 2, center, Goiás -GO
Telephone: (62) 991234221
Instagram: @cafunegoyano

Pousada do Ipê

The inn is a colonial-style house environment, in the Historic Center of the Cidade de Goiás. It has been in operation for over 20 years and has 32 rooms, all with private bathroom, air conditioning, TV, fan, hairdryer, iron ironing and work table.

The daily rate includes breakfast. The inn has parking spots, a leisure area with a swimming pool, is a pet-friendly space and offers tourist information.

Address: R. Luiz Guedes Amorim, 22, Goiás – GO
Contact: (62) 33712065
Instagram: @pousadadoipe

Pousada Chácara da Dinda

Chácara da Dinda has been in business for over 15 years, in a beautiful spacious colonial-style house. With a swimming pool, a space for a barbecue and a vegetable garden. The inn has 16 rooms, with air conditioning, private bathrooms, TV, minibar and work desk. The daily rate includes breakfast. It offers bilingual service, pet accommodation and parking.

Address: Praça do Asilo, 10 – Centro, Goiás – GO, 76600-000
Telephone: (62) 33714327 / (62) 999000918
Instagram: @dindapousada

Pousada Vovó Dú

Created in the 1950s as a guesthouse, it was later transformed into Pousada Vovó Dú. It is an excellent accommodation option for groups of friends or family, in the touristic Cidade de Goiás. It is located very close to the Municipal Market, the Historic Center, the Events Square, thus making visiting and leisure options accessible. It is 500 meters from Goiás Bus Station and 145 km from Goiânia Airport.

Breakfast services daily and free WiFi access. It has air conditioning, TV, private bathroom and large garage. It has 31 beds.

Address: Rua 15 de Novembro, 22 – Centro, CEP 76.600-000 – Goiás, GO
Telephone: (62) 33721224

Serra das Orquídeas Hotel Fazenda Clube

Pousada Serra das Orquídeas is located at the entrance to the Cidade de Goiás, close to the city's portal and viewpoint. The charming inn has views of the Serra Dourada. The environment is simple with air-conditioned chalets and apartments with fans for up to three people, parking, free breakfast and Wi-Fi, and room service. One of the highlights of the inn is its beautiful outdoor area with a natural pool, a peaceful space with lots of greenery, ideal for relaxing and disconnecting from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The inn also offers tickets to use its outdoor areas and pools, even for non-guests. It has 60 beds.

Address: Highway GO- 070, km 126, Goiás – GO
Telephone: (62) 996724611

Hotel Fazenda Manduzanzan

Hotel Fazenda Manduzanzan is 7 kilometers from the Cidade de Goiás, in a cerrado area with waterfall, water spout, swimming pool, sauna, games room, football field, sports courts, horse riding and typical food from the region, made on the wood stove.

The 45-bed rooms have exposed brick walls and rustic wooden furniture and offer free Wi-Fi, TV and minibar. Children up to 6 years old (one per room) stay free of charge.

The dirt road that separates Hotel Manduzanzan from the Historic Center of the City of Goiás leads to the bucolic and cozy atmosphere of the farm. An 800-meter ecological trail connects the accommodation to Cachoeira das Andorinhas.

Address: Municipal Highway to Mosquito Settlement s/n Zona Rural, Goiás – GO, 76600-000
Telephone: (62) 999823373

Atlanta Hotel and Inn

It is located in one of the beautiful regions of the old capital of Goiás, close to Ribeirão Bacalhau. Comfortable and cozy, it has 24 apartments, with 63 beds.

Address: Rua da Mangueira, Bairro Davinópolis, Goiás – GO

Hotel Raios de Sol

Located close to the Bus Station, Hotel Raios de Sol is approximately one kilometer from the city center. It is considered an budget establishment. The property offers 18 rooms equipped with a mini fridge and bathroom.

Address: Avenida Dário de Paiva Sampaio – Goiás, GO, 76600-000
Telephone: (62) 33713161

Hotel Serrano

With 36 beds, it offers a computer, fan, living room with television, breakfast, laundry and parking.

Address: Avenida Doutor Deusdeth Ferreira de Moura, Goiás, Goiás, CEP: 76600-000
Telephone: (62) 33711825

Pousada Dona Sinhá

Located in Ecovila de Maria (formerly Pousada Dona Sinhá), the house is in a historic environment with several family memories. You have the opportunity to experience a little bit of the past with the current comfort, in addition to appreciating and connecting with the nature that surrounds and inhabits the environment.

Address: Road. Padre Arnaldo, nº 13, Centro Cidade de Goiás –GO, CEP: 76600-000

Hotel Vila Boa

Hotel Vila Boa has 99 beds and offers room service, a restaurant, an outdoor pool, a bar and a lounge. All rooms include a wardrobe, minibar, TV, private bathroom, bed linen and towels. Hotel Vila Boa features some units with pool views, and rooms include a balcony. The property serves breakfast and the reception is open 24 hours a day.

Address: Avenida Deusdete F. de Moura Qd. 10 Lt. 01 – Morro Chapéu do Padre – Setor Leste, Goiás – GO, CEP: 76600-000
Telephone: (62) 33711000

Pousada Goyazes

Comfortable guesthouse, located in the beautiful Bacalhau River region. It has 3 bedrooms and also has a dedicated space for events.

Address: Rua Davinópolis, nº 14, Setor Rio Bacalhau, Goiás/GO – CEP: 76600-000

Estancia Carvalho

Estancia Carvalho is located in the urban area of Calcilândia/GO. Young Franciele, just over a year ago, opened Estância Carvalho to welcome pilgrims on the Caminho de Cora Coralina.

Estância Carvalho is a residential environment that has two bedrooms with air conditioning, Wifi, TV and bathroom.

Breakfast and dinner are included in the rate. Estancia Carvalho has space for camping, a solar-heated swimming pool and space for a barbecue.

Address: R. C, Calcilândia, Goiás – GO, CEP: 76600-000
Telephone: (62) 999153835

House of Maria de Lourdes

Dona Maria de Lurdes began serving the pilgrims of the Caminho de Cora Coralina through Estancia Carvalho, offering meals to those who arrived. Today it is an example of entrepreneurship and good services in Calcilândia. She makes lunchboxes and meals for groups. The flagship is free-range chicken and canned pork. It also provides a bathroom with shower, at no additional cost.

Address: Rua Vincente Pires left/c Rua José Lucilenes, Centro, Calcilândia – GO
Telephone: (62) 999529788

Pousada Caminho de Cora

Located in the rural area, Pousada Caminho de Cora, opened just over a year ago, has a large space surrounded by nature, with 5 bedrooms with bathroom. Large leisure area with heated pool, wet bar, games room, TV room, playground, equipped barbecue area, orchard and access to the Cabrão stream. The daily rate includes the use of the entire inn, including breakfast and dinner.

Address: Rural road, Calcilândia – Goiás – GO, 76600-000
Telephone: (62) 985913589

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Source: Inventory of Tourist Offers in the City of Goiás. Goiás Turismo. 2022.